Da Momsters Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hollibobs Part 2

Dis is wots da Uji monster looks likes in bed wen campin

060820111394 060820111390

Mee looks far better in mi opinion.


Da Momster gots a very rude awakenin ats 5 am, her awoke to da sound ovs runnin water by her head.!!!!……………. Yep yoo has guessed it Da River Uji was in full flow on da top ovs Da Moms bed…… Bol

So Moms got up n her was glad she dids cos it was so peasful n sooo pretty her dids enjoy da surroundins wivouts da Uji pest fur a little while. Her also hads a chat wivs Aunty Junie- Babe who was tucked up in bed in her caravan so dem gossiped frew da window until Uji pest gots restless fur hims Mom.

Da hoomans dids all get up around 7-30 n wents fur brekkie which Uji pest managed to spill all over Da Momster, her was nots happy bout loosing a bit ov bacon butt mee was cos mee snaffled it up quick fast……….mmmmm Nommy.

Den Moms wents to help in da big stripey tent signin ova dogs up fur da different classes in da fun dog show while mee n Uji pest, Uncy Fred, Aunty Wilma & Da Popster wents off fur a nosey rounds da show. Wee dids see so many fings, wee saw dogs scurryin after fings which was kewl, dere was lots ovs uber kewl food peeps dere an da smells were ohhhhhhh so goods, dere was mens doin carvings wivs chainsaws and some big birds dat could havs snatched da Uji pest up n flowned away wivs him ! Dere was some mahoosive horses wivs floofy feeties


and some funny lookin fings Da Pops really liked called ATV’s. Dad go figure wivs all da nommy smells & foodables abouts n him likes machin-a-ma-bobs .

Wen we wents backs to da big tent it was time fur all da fun dog shows Uji pest was entered in some classes n so was mee.

CNV00007 (2)

CNV00006 (2)

( Uji & Aunty Wilma struttin dere stuffs in da best puppy class )

Uji dids not get placed in any ovs his classes ( even tho hims a tail chewin pest mee dids feel bad fur him ) butts mee can 3rd in da Best Rescue ova 9

CNV00010 (2)

( Mee & Popster doin our thang in our class )

Dis is mi rosette Mee dis win

070820111398 - Copy

Da Popster was very prouds ovs mee n him dids gets a bit emotional cos him was SOOOOOO happisome. Him is a very sweet popster indeeds.

Now mee needs to show yoo some ovs da doglets wee dids meet

CNV00003 (3)

Dis is Dodger hims belongs to Mr Andy who runs Gillies Leap and who organises da fun dogs shows, at dis show all da proceeds wents to lab rescue him is an all round good guy yoo knows an him does so much to helps various rescue. Da Momster finks ovs him as da dog guru cos him is so smart bouts dogs.

CNV00006 (3)

Dese are Gibbs n Flynn dem also Mr Andy’s dogs too dem is workin doglets and dem goes out on shoots n fing wivs Mr Andy n Dodger.


Dis is Miss Truly her is Miss Dee’s, her came from a puppy farm an her was sooo scareded wen Miss Dee gots her butt her is doin so well now n wen her is at da shows she is little Miss Confident butts her still gets scareded sometimes.

CNV00022 (2)

Dis bee Barnabus wen him first arrived at Miss Dee yoo would havs to protect yor legs wivs a tray cos him was a little bit nawty n nibbled at yoo wenever him could butt hims is most lovely now. Miss Dee & Mr Andy has a special way wivs doglets yoo know.

Phew mi paws hurt now mee is going to stop fur now Part 3 will be on Uji’s blog tomorrow HERE .

Bye fur now




Frankie Furter said...

CONGRATULATIONS RONNII ON YOUR BIG WIN!! I love your BEAUTIFUL ribbon.. it is all gold and shimmery. Perfect compliment to your furs!!!

From the Looks and Sounds of it.. you surely did have a Magical Holibob!!
PeeS... I love the pics of you and Uji in your Jammies... sleeping as snug and comfy in the tent!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Congratulations on your big win! Me is so happee bout dat. Uji will do better da next time.

Me will be crossing da paws for your x-rays on Tuesday. Just lose dat stoopid cough somewhere.

♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Oh Ronnie!! What a fantastic post. So many cute doglets too!! Congratulations on your big win!!~
Your brudder will be winning soon we bet.

Our problem with leaving commnets has been fisxed so we can start visiting more.

{{{huggies}}}...Mona & Weenie

Mr. Pip said...

Oh Ronnii, you do look most lovely in your purple pajamas!

I am SO PROUD of you for your win - I am going to ignore that 3rd place ribbon because you are always 1st place in my eyes!

My mom was laughing about Uji taking a leak by your mom's head. I have never done that but may have to give it a try. BOL!

Love, Pip