Da Momsters Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hollibobs Part 1

Well here we is as yoo all knows Mee & Da Pack wents on a little hollibob last weekend, Uji n Mee was most excitamagated abouts it. Well we dids set off wivs Uncy Freds car loaded up wivs all our stuffs. It was a little squasshums butts wee needed everyfing wee had wivs us. Uji had to havs a speshul pill to stops him chuckin up cos him gets car sick, he lovs goin in da car butts Mee gets a bit stressified n most fidgity pants.


Dis us on da way wivs Da Popster, hims is most comfy to travel on mee has to say………….BOL.

Uji decided wee woulds get dere quicker ifs him went to sleep


on Da Momsters lap. It didn’t makes us gets dere any faster at all ! It tooked us almost 87 hours gets dere butts boy was it worth it, it was a most prettisome place wivs a big mahoosive lake a stonkingly big house and stripey green n white tents dat looked likes pacer mints. While Da Popster n Uncy Fred putted da tent up, blew up beds n gen’rally sorted outs our livin space mee, Uji n Da Momster went to say ‘ello’ to Aunty Junie-Babe, Aunty Dee & Uncle Andy.

Dis is our Aunty Junie-Babe


& Dis is Aunty Dee


and dis is da very clever n funny Uncle Andy

CNV00014 (2) .

Its was nice to meets all ov da nice peeps dere wee dids also meets a sooper di dooper young man caleed Sonny n hims Girlyfuriend Sophie and she hads da sweetest little puggle pupster wivs her called

CNV00005 (2)

Bruno. Hims was just yummy n such a good little boy as well. Da hoomans wanted a cuppa so dem mades a drink n fed us out tea while dem dranks da tea, coffee n beer den wee went to da beer tent to see everyone dere is was nice n cosy in dere mee must say. After da hoomans hads anuvver drinkie mee n Uji just behaved n siffed da air lots. All to soon it was time fur beds. So wee dids go back to da tent and zipped up fur da night. Mee dids snuggle down on a cosy vet bed n Uji just bounced abouts fur a while befor him snuggled down wivs Da Momster under sleepy bag.


Dats all fur now Part 2 tomrrow






sprinkles said...

Uji is adorbs!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Dat was jus a super day you guys had. Sorry for da long 87-hour ride though. But you's right. It goes faster when you goes nighty-night!

Mr. Pip said...

Sweet Ronnii, I am here! Your trip sounds like so much fun! I do love that picture of the two of you on the popster's lap! Just precious!

I will be back tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

Love, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

Sorry it took 87 hours to get there.. butt it looks like it was WELL WORTH the trip. The peeps all look like they are really FUN!!
I can't wait to see and hear MORE.