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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mee don’t havs a title, sorry !

As yoo all know by now mee dids lose mi sooper speshul bruvver yestyday. Yoo all knows just what a great guy him was butts whats yoo don’t reelly know is just how much mee dids lovs him, how much him did teech mee about livin wivs a family.

Mi Sooper bruv dids teech mee how to enjoy treats n not just to hides dem away, hims dids show me da fun ovs messin ups Da Momsters bed n too laff at her face wen her founds it all mussed ups…….BOL. Mee knows da sheer joy ovs barking at da sky just fur da heck ovs it  and sniffin every smell cos ifs yoo don’t yoo might just miss somefing reelly kewl.

Wee hads so much funs tryin to out pee each ova an seein who could do da loudest or da stinkiest toots den seein who woulds gets da blame fur da smells…………. Bol.

Butts n dis is a big Butt ( a bit likes Da Momsters…………..Bol ) da most impawtent fing mi bruvver Richie tawt me is thats it is okays fur mee to just be mee n dats da rite family woulds lovs mee no matter wat, Him did say dat our family may not bee konvent-shunal ( mee finks dat was da word ) butt dem is perfick fur us n wee all does fit togevver just rite.

As mee is feelin a bits lost wivouts him rite now Da Momster n Da Popster decided to takes mee to Richies beech cos mee had not been yet ( Da Momster tooks Richie dere quite a few times n hims liked da sand butts not da big water ). It was most excitamagatin wee dids go on da rumbly bus into town and wee walked down a bumpy hill ( Da Moms sayd it was called cobbles butt it was just bumpy to mee ) wivs some uber kewl shops an mee was allowed in one ovs dem which was way fun fur me. We den came to somewhere dat Da Pop called Da Har-bore.


It hads boats n lots ovs fishy type smells it was sooo kewl n mee knows why Richie dids like it dere.


Den wee walked along past da Har-bore n dere was places dat sold fishy noms which smelled most good butts mee didn’t gets any until wee gots past dis place.


Wee stopped fur Da pawrents to havs a cuppa Tee n somefing called spud chips or crisps


, mee had some water n a bit ov cookie Da Moms bawt fur mee.

Den da most bestest bit wee wents here


it’s called Sunny Sands n it was nots as empty as dat photy, it was teemin wivs hoo-mans wivs dere tiddly peeps it was likes dis .


Wee dids find a quiet corner ovs da beech,


Moms kicked off her Birkies n wee did heads fur da big water ! Da Mom waded in n mee dids follow n it was wet n cold so wot did mee do next ? Well mee tell yoo………………………………………… mee dids sit down…….Bol Her didn’t s’pect mee to do dat ( Richie tawt mee to do fings dem don’t s’pect ). Butt mee ravver liked da big water so mee n Moms dids paddle.



Wee dids havs fun in da big water n mee dids get mi tummy floof all wets n Da Moms got wet trousers…….BOL


It was a nice adventure wivs da pawrents an mee is hopin wee has lots more now. Dem won’ stop mee missin mi bruvver or stops mee lovin him as much as mee does, butts it will helps to keep his spirit ovs adventure alive n dat will helps mee feel him wivs mee always.

Mee knows him is not really gone cos him is inside mi heart n da hearts of Da Pawrents n all ovs our wondeyful furiends.

On Satiday nite mee n Da Pawrents is gonna let two Chinese Lanterns go up to da heavens One wivs Richies name on & one wivs Mollys name on, mee knows dem will see da lights shining up on Rainbow Bridge fur sure.

So Richie Mi Bruvver, Mi bestest Furiend Mee is going to miss yoo very very much n tho mi heart is hurtin , mee knows yoo is havin da bestest time wivs Angel Sista Molly an wivs all our furiends who havs crossed dere. Mee knows yoo & Molly are watchin ova us n dat wee will meets again one day.

Just neva eva forgets dat mee does lovs yoo soo very very much. Mee will looks after Da Pawrents very carefully n will lovs dem enough for all 3 ovs us.

Dis Is Not Goodbye Mi Bruvver, Dis Is Just Oooo Revore.





♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Ronnii - we just know that Richie is smiling down at all those special words you had to share about all you learned from your brother - he is very happy about all that. Although we have tears in our eyes, we know that Richie is a happy boy now and is very thankful for the wonderful life he shared with your humans. Hugs to you and the family.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh Ronni we just found out that Richie had to leave for the bridge - we are so sorry he had to leave you but we know Molly will take good care of him up there. We are sending you and your mom and dad tons of comforting purrs and prayers.

Frankie Furter said...

Ronnii honey, Richie would be so very much PROUD of you fur havin learned all the lessons that he taught you. I know that he would love the fact that you have gone to his favorite beech. I love the idea of sending up the Chinese Lanterns fur Richie and Angel Molly!! That will be a perfect way to end the big birfday bash!!!
I will miss Richie something FIERCE butt He will be in ALL of our hearts.
LOVE, Frankie

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Ronnii, my teenie weenie heart just aches for all of you and for us too that luved Richie so much. But he is watching over all of you, all the time. He will continue to teach you tings from da Bridge. He will always be alive in your heart.

Maggie Mae said...


What a wunderful way to celebrate Richie. Frankie is right , he will be in all of our hearts furever. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Lorenza said...

I know how much you miss Richie.
He was the best teacher for you, right?
And yes. He is not gone. He will be always in your heart.... and in ours too!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mr. Pip said...

Dearest Ronnii,

Richie taught us ALL! We will miss him very much, but we know he is happy and wants us to be happy as well.

The pictures of you at the beach are just lovely. I know you will have many adventures with your family and Richie and Molly will be right there with you in your hearts.

Love, Pip

Zona said...

Ronnii, the OP Pack is right - Richie is smiling down at you! He is so proud of how much you learned from him and how you got to share his special beach. You were lucky to have such a great big brother. I just know he's watching over you and sitting with you on his step each morning.


ArtemisiaFSS said...

We are very sorry Richie had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but we just know he is very proud of you and is thrilled you remember everything he taught you.

FiveSibesMom said...

We were so sorry to hear about Richie, but know he is running about and digging freely over the Rainbow Bridge. He is watching over you always. We love how you are celebrating life for your birthday - what a wonderful tribute to your brother! May you have a wonderful birthday, and Richie will be there with you always. PS - love your beach walk pics - looks like a wonderful place to go!

road-dog-tales said...

Oh Ronnii- This is the sweetest post ever! We're so glad you got to go to the sand and big water where Richie likes to go. Looks like you had fun and we know Richie was right beside you!

The Road Dogs