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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shop Till Mee Drop

PARENTS Pressies

Well 2 day is Turkey Day n mee is pawtiseepatin in Fwankies Fun n Fwolics, Mee is sposed too rite babout wot I wanna getz Moms n Poppi fur Crimbo but 1st let mee say

Happi Turkey Day to all mi fwends in bloggydom Yoo Ess Ay ! !


Rite on mee goze wivs mi Crimbo shoppin.

Fur mee Poppi mee finks himz would likes 1 ov dese


itz a lightblade umbrelly n iz kinda goofy star warz lighty sword stylee n himz would adores it me jus knows it also mee woulds getz him a Carabiner Mug cos him do lov dem carabiner fings n da mugs dem look most kewl.


Mee would getz him da Loo Laffs Loo Roll koz he wood havs a chuckle when goin potty witch mee finks dem hoo-mans needs kos dey takes fur ever unlikes us smart K9s.


Next wood be da 10 Movement Puzzle Box koz hims likes boxes speshully 1s like dis


An last butt not least Mee woods getz him dis so he knows jus how smarts mee n Richie is

HB_07809_A_375 .

Now fur Moms

Furst fing mee would getz fur Moms wood be a sound asleep pillow


Poor Moms has to try and sleep wivs Richie snoring away likes a steam train full ovs warthogs an Poppi snores too so dis would sure make goin to sleepies nicer fur her.

Nest I would getz her some microwave slippers, her always havs cold tootsies so dese would be sooper dee dooper fur her, plus dey be pink an fluffy an wi all know dats a good fing.


Hmmmm wot next . . . . . . Dis mee finks


As her not gotz much fur on her head still dat getz really, really cold rite now so dis wood do two fings . .

1 it wood keep her head warm

2. It would makes her finks she had fur on head

Fur problem solved wivs one hat, me iz good at dis mee finks

Den me would getz her Take Thats New album Progress


Moms haz liked dem since dey looked like dis



Take That

No tho dey lookz like dis

Take Take Radio One Studios WqZN5kinDPVl


Take That  new promo pic

a big improovment mee finks cos dey learned how to dress demselves now. . . . . BOL !

I wood also getz her a ticket to Hooston so her couldz go see her best furiend in da whole world cos she misses her lots an she be desperate to see her again.

and last fing mee would gets her iz a big, hooj, mahoosive cuddle from her son ( hims lives wivs Moms folks since Moms gots sick )


, mee knows she misses hims so much and hers wood lovs to getz dat.

Dats wots mee would getz the Pawrents fur Crimbo




Mr. Pip said...

Ronnii - you are most generous and I hope your ma and pa get all those things and more. I especially like that pink furry wig thing.

So, I have a funny story to tell you ...as I was reading this post, my sister popped up behind me just in time to see those boys with the letters on their behinds. She is laughing like crazy, just hope she doesn't mention this to anyone or I may get in trouble.

Your pal, Pip

Minna Krebs said...

That is a GREAT shopping list Ronni!!! You really came up with a bunch of pawsome pressies fur your mom and dad!!

(the toilet paper with jokes on it is too funny!)

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Ronnii Hunny I don't know where to start on this..
FURST... I want to tell you and Richie how WONDERFUL I think you are!! I have already received the Badge that you made and I went in and put it on the top of my post for tomorrow!!! Bless you!!!
Now you are NOT ever in 87 million years gonna believe this one. You know that grrrreat toilet paper you want fur your DAD... well I didn't go all fancy like you did, B U T T ... I am gettin T-paper fur my MOM . Gee WHIZ do you think you and I might be twins or something????
I loved ALL of the thingys that you are wantin fur both your mom and your dad. I really hope your mom gets that hug from that CUTE CUTE Sweet boy though.
You are truly THOUGHTFUL. sigh

Zona said...

I loved your post. Your pressies for your parents were so thoughtful and a hug made me and mom tear up. I pray she gets her wish SOON!!!


Alien said...

May the stars shine brightly on your Holiday wishes and make them all come true.


Remington said...

You really have your work cut out for you! Best of luck on your shopping adventure. I about to get to bed as I have been informed that we will be up in the middle of the night to go shopping....Mike and Beth act very strange the day after Thanksgiving....I bet it has something to do with the turkey....Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Great gift ideas, but we bet the one your mom would like best is to have her little boy with her. Does he live very far away? We hope she gets to see him as much as possible.

Jd & Abby