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Friday, 26 November 2010

Minna Krebs- Da Story ovs mee !

Furst ovs all a hooj FANK YOO to Minna fur hosting dis.  .  .  . Yoo Rock Minna !

Happiness Is


Well da story ovs mee started wivs Moms reeding dis abouts mee on da Little Dog Rescue forum bords

'A small considerably matted dog ,now known as Ronnie, came into The Little Dog Rescue via the dog warden. She had initially been found running along a lane by a member of the public who called her over. This Good Samaritan rushed her to her vet because she found a large lump under her legs and assumed that she may have been run over, but the lump was diagnosed as a hernia. However, being the size of a fist, impeding her ability to walk properly and causing obvious discomfort we asked our own vet to take a look. He diagnosed a tumour - probably not the life threatening kind, but it still needs to be removed. Ronnie is estimated to be around six years old and currently only weighs around 3 kg so the operation will not take place until she is comfortably settled with her fosterer. She is a dear little dog and we are hoping that her forthcoming operation will be the start of a new and much more comfortable life but she will need to remain in our care until she has fully recovered' .

Dis woz atz da start ovs Joon wen Moms jus had Angel Sista Molly butts her did finks mee was a sweeie. Den she read dis abouts mee

''Ronnie has now had the first op to remove the large lump. The vets were horrified when they opened her up. She had originally had a small hernia but over years her bladder had gone through the tear in the muscle until it was completely cut off by the the muscle. This led to infection and the growth which turned out to be infected pus and matter that weighed 600g.
The bladder had attached to part of the intestines due to the infection so part of the intestine has had to be removed as well. If it had been left much longer she wouldn't have made it.
She is on the road to recovery after this major op as you can see in the pics but still needs a dental that will be done when she is fully fit

It had dis photy wivs it ovs after da hoperation.

Dis mades her sad fur me butts her was not finking abouts anuvver doggy just den cos ovs her having da sickies. When Moms started 2 finks abouts a companion fur Angel Sista Molly mee was still not reddy fur rehoming so Molly met Richie and yoo all know hims story.

After Angle Sista Molly crossed ovver da Rainbow Bridge and Richie cames to lives wivs Moms n Poppi just like Molly wanted hims to. Well fur some reason hims feet didnt makes da rite noise on Moms floor an she new de only feeties dat wood makes da rite noise wood bee anuvver Yorkie. So dey red my fred on da forum again an dey jus knew mee woz jus da Yorkie fur dem. So after much hmmm-in n harrrr-in dey filled in adopshun forms for little mee. Itz woz accepted and plans woz soon afoot to getz mee down to Moms. Uncy Fred n Aunty Wilma droves Moms to wear dey was meetin Aunty Maria ( mi foster Mom , Poppi stayed @ home wivs Richie cos hims not goods in da car likes mee is).

Me now is a happi Yorkie, mee is lovved lots n lots, mee has lots ovs choices ovs beds in da lounge and sleep on da bed @ nite, mee  getz walkies n good food to nom on, spa dayz and Moms has got mee lots ov pretti clothes to wear.

Me lovs being here although Richie kan bee a pain sometimes ( specially at da moments cos me in season ). Me is definitely HOME Fur good.

So fanks to da Little Dog rescue me haz a nice home, sooper pawrents an a spiffy big bruvver.  .  .  .  Dis iz da life !

So dat bee my story.




Mr. Pip said...

Sweet Ronnii, I can't believe all you have gone through. I can't even imagine the pain you were in and I would like to give the people who neglected you a piece of my mind. I know how much your mom and Richie love you.

I have a little pressie for you to go with one of your pretty outfits. Of course, being that my mom is a last minute kind of person, who knows when she will actually mail it!

Love, Pip

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ronnii!
Thankfully that person found you in time!
All those ops and procedures are not funny but glad you had them so you are doing much better now!
Thanks for sharing your story!
Happy Thanksgiving
Kisses and hugs

houndstooth said...

What a fantastic story about how you found your home! I'm so glad they found you and got you the help you needed in time!

I also have to say thank you very much for making that super cool banner for my sister Blueberry! It's perfect for her!


Corbin said...

Ronnii! I didn't know your story before! Thank goodnes you were place in the hands of such a great rescue! And I'm very glad you were adopted by your momma! We like her lots and loved her dear Molly!

♥ Sallie said...

Yay! Great story!

Happy Turkey Day!


Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Dear Ronnii, we're so happy your guardian angel finally led you to people who will care for you and love you forever. We hope you are feeling much better now.

Jed & Abby

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Ronnii! We have missed seeing you since mom's computer at work got all blocked up! We love your story of you - it made mom cry because she was so happy you were rescued and found a wonderful loving home with your mom and dad. She wishes you didn't have to go through all that surgery though - that made her sad. But she knows you will be so well loved and taken care of now!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ronnii! That story made my mom all kinds of leaky. Gosh, you sure are one of the most luckiest girls in the whole wide world to have so many people do everything they could to give you the good and happy life you deserve!

Wiggles & Wags,