Da Momsters Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Nu Blog

In da next day or so wee is all movin to a new bloggy dat wee is goin to share yoo will now finds our blog here  http://ro-uj-iz.blogspot.com/ wee has called it Trubblesome Trio cos wee is a handful…..Bol. Please makes sure to follows us cos wee woulds hate to lose anyone ovs yoo.


Ronnii & Uji & Izzy


All ovs us here is wishin yoo both a veri happismone n joyful Barkday todays. Wee hopes all yor dreams come true cos yoo deserves it so much. Wee all lovs yoo big much





Momma Tea


Da Popster


Sunday 2 October 2011

Hey Everyone


Sorry wee has been away butts it is most hectics here, Da Momster dids break her finger last week and bruised her boob badly and smashed her knees up wen her dids fall over butts her is okays. Sidney has gone to his new forever home wivs mi Uncy Fred & Aunty Wilma n hims is most happisome abouts it too. Hims is lovin hims new Mom n Dad big muchly n him has two kitty bruvvers and two piggle bruvvers too butts Sid is da only dog which him is likin lots.

New sista Izzy is settlin in well and startin to play wivs Uji-Pest now which makes mee most happisome. Hopefully wen dem play properly him will leaves mee in peace to sleeps.

Da Momster has been lookin into gettin us some deer antlers like Frankie has butt dem is mega green papers fur a teeny tiny one


Da little teeny tiny one is almost $ 5.00 can yoo believes dat ? So wee is nots gettin any ovs dem :o(  butts wee dids gets a nice new big bed fur us all to share which is kinda kewl. Wee shall see how it goes wen all da little beds havs been putted away……….bol. Da Momsters fur is startin to fall outs again butt yoo has seen wot colour it is so maybee dats not too bad a fing really….BOL ! Oh mee can bee so mean sometimes, it is uber hot here rite now an dat is makin mee ravva grumpsome wivs everyone.

Mee has mi Howloween dress already it is most gawjuss all pumpkin orange n mee cants wait to shows yoo all.

Dats abouts it from here mee has missed yoo all tho.

Lotsa Luvs



Wednesday 28 September 2011

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Mi Darling Pip & Family

Mee is so sorry fur da loss of da most gawjuss Sweet Pea. All ovs us knows how very much yoo all dids lovs him and all ovs out hearts in our house are just breakin fur yoo all.

Da Momster dids say her knows how very hards it is to makes da decision to lets furbabes go across da bridge buts dat sometimes da furbabes makes it easier by lettin yoo all knows. Mee finks Sweet Pea dids dis cos him dids not wants yoo to makes da really hard choice all on yor ownsomes.

Him has enjoyed a long lifes wivs yor family n hims has been so very, very lovved, hims knows how speshul yoo all finks him is and him finks da same abouts all ovs yoo.

Dis is da last fing yoo can do to shows him just how much yoo lovs him .

Peace & Lovs to yoo Sweet Pea, until wee all meets again Run Free mi furiend



Wiv Lovs

Ronnii, Uji, Sids & Momma Tea

Monday 5 September 2011

Last ovs da ISM’s


Well wee has reached da end ovs our ISM’s sadly but da last 3 are crackers dats fur sure.

Furst ups wee has our only Kitty entry from da most pretty Scylla who has da strange habit ov hidin in chests ……. mee wonders why tho ?


Mee finks it is cos her can jumps out on da hu-peeps n makes dem jumps outta dere skins………..Bol

Next up is Finn who has da art ovs da upside down Zen doggy yoga position down pat !


Mee wonders ifs his Moms knows him sent dis photy in ……Bol.

and Finally & wee dids save da best fur last wee has Bowie. Wots can wee say abouts Bowie’s ISM' well to bee honest wee is nots sure wots to say ! Wee will lets dis photy speaks fur itself.


Wots is it wivs da feeties ????


Wivs Lovs

Ronnii & Uji