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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wordless Wensday

Uji has a mahoosive zit !!!!

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Him is at dat teenage zitty stage dat Cresties do get………… us Yorkies don’t gets dat ……………bol.



Pee S.

Update on Uji's mahoosive zit

Chinese Crested dogs do gets zits speshully at Uji's age so it is not anyfing to worry abouts really, it just looks icky. His zit is now formin a head ( gross mee knows ) butts it means it will bust soon an den go away.


Mr. Pip said...

You are right no Yorkie zits, but I have lots of Yorkie warts. I guess it is common of Yorkies of a certain age, but it is also quite humiliating!
Please don't hold it against me!

Love, Pip

Grady and Leonardo said...

We sure hope it goes away soon. Looks like it could be one of those hurty ones.

Maybe it's an ingrown hair and this is one of those not so great "once in a lifetime" things.

road-dog-tales said...

Somebody needs some Clearasil :)

The Road Dogs

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Ronnii! Tell Uji that kitties can get zits too - kitty acne happens a lot to kitties on their chins, and they can get it anytime in their lives. The vet even said you use human zit pads to clean their chins when they happen! So Uji doesn't need to feel bad about one zit - even if it is gross (kitty chin acne can get bad and is WAY grosser when it happens!) We still think he is a cutie!

sprinkles said...

Unfortunately, I ALWAYS seem to have at least one zit, myself. I get them on my face though, not my belly. Hope Uji's clears up soon and that it doesn't bother him.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Ick! April's Mommy, DeeDee (now playin at da Bridge since 2009) had one dat looked jus like dat!