Da Momsters Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mee’sa Back


Just in time for Honorooroo,

It’s Da Momsters fault wee has been missing, her had a really bad fang n hads to see da fang dr who putted her on pills dat mades her all hinky. Sooooo her not helped us wivs our photys for The Fiesty Three’s July 4th extravamaganza.

party fiesty three

Butts mee dids sneak on da lappy top today and mee did dig out a photy dat was taken when mee slipped away one day for some R&R on mi ownsome.

Syrfin Ronnii

Mee can Cross Step wivs any young Grom n mee can hang 10 on mi gun wivs da best ovs dem ! Yoo wont catch mee snaking any brah dats fur sure .

Mee is so glads to be backs wivs all mi sooper furiends again, mee has missed yoo all so muchly.

Mee has to confess dat Da Momster dids hit mark all as read as wee hads so so so so so so so so so so so so many to catch up her cold nots handle dem all so wee hopes yoo don’t minds too much if wee is not up on all ovs your news. Wee is sorry.





Grady and Leonardo said...

Hi Ronnii, Uji and Mum.

It is so nice to see you back and posting again. We were beginning to get a bit worried, but didn't want to be pesty if there were more important things you needed to be taking care of.

Hope all is well.
and Happy 4th of July.

The Newfs and Mom.

Frankie Furter said...

Dear Miss Tea, I am soooo very much sorry to hear that you had a bad fang. I hope it is taken care of now. I have some Chicken Flavored Teefspaste you could use if you need. I like it a lot. You can even have my teefsBrush if you want.
Ronnii... Look at YOU hangin tail over that spiffy surfboard. Now if you need some WAX before the race thingy.. come see ME... Word is.. you can't trust DEXTER not to have put Super Glue in any wax that HE lends.. just so he can get a JUMP on the competition!! hehehe
I am sooooooo happy to see and hear from all of you!!!
BEST of LUCK and have a Super TIME in HonoRooRoo!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ronnii!
I hope your mom is doing much better now!
Bad fangs are not funny...
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mr. Pip said...

Ronnii!!! There you are! I have been sitting here waiting for you. I have the perfect spot along the water for us to watch the sunset and sip fruity drinks!

Love, Pip

Asta said...

I am in awe of youw suwfing skills you awe HOT!!!1
It was so gweat to dance wif you at the honowoowoo pawty
I'm sending youw Mom extwa healing smoochies so she stops feeling wonky
sending love and smoochie kisses