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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Picnic in Da Bark Part 6

OMD !!!! Mee has been dunked ! Can yoo believes it ? Guess who dids dunkify mee our very Own  Wally Melon Eatin Mayor !!! Da very cheeks ov him……………..BOL. As if mee minds really it is all fur da bestest cause

Right here are some more of our Wally Melon addicts start wivs

His Honour Da Ronnii Dunkin Mayor ov Blogville Mr Frankie F Furter himself.



Him is a deffo Wally Luvver fur sure.

Next wee has Rooney & Pickles still trying to gets dat mahoosive Wally under control

Rooney & Pickles

Even Ditto & Minna havs been called in to help wrestle dat whopper Wally.

Watermelon Minna Rooney Ditto

Finally dem dids win & Pickles gots to chow down

Pickles ready to eat

and so Dids Minna

Minna Watermelon

Mee finks da boys may havs cried off cos off all da piddlin Wallys make yoo do, us girls is mades ov sterner stuff tho.

Lastly in dis little group wee has

Phabulous Phantom just look at dem baby blues


Wow wee has had some sooper photys dont yoo finks an dere is still a few more to comes butts dat will be on Bruvva Uji’s bloggy


It is now time fur me to gets mi groove thang on to Paws Bang n stuffs mi face wivs all da foodables dat Uji has now laid out.

Catch yoo all on da dance floor mi furiends





Amber DaWeenie said...

All dat food looks so delish! My teenie weenie tummy is draggin on da ground already!

Frankie Furter said...

OHHHHH thank goodness you got out of the tank... I was worried about you.. after I did .. the deed. hehehe

At least it made you nice and cool.

The wally melon eatin was such a very much fun event.

I think Minna Krebs and her crew had MORE than a Mouthful there!!

PeeS... I Placed a small Wager on your Brother.

Frankie Furter said...

NOW then... about that WELL Stocked Picnic Basket that you brought.. I am soooooo stuffed that I may need to just lay under a tree fur a while.
THANKS sooooo much fur ALL that you and Ujio did fur the Picnic.

Mr. Pip said...

Frankie dunked you! Well, I better head right over and dunk him!

I am most impressed that Minna, Pickles, and Rooney were able break into that GIGANTIC watermelon! WOW!!!

Save a dance for me!

Love, Pip

Sarge said...

Hey Ronnii!
Wow, great wally melon pix! I think Minna's crew almost bit off more than they could chew ... almost! Glad you're liking the music. Pawsbang rocks!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Maggie Mae said...


After you is done dancin' come by and see me in da Furst-Aid tent!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Asta said...

Di youw fuwws get vewy vewy soggy in that tank? i hope you finally got dwied off.I love all the gweat Wally melon effowts I think we have some twoo champeens thewe.

Could I have a dance when I take a bweak fwom playing in the band?
gotta wun and do my solo now

Minna Krebs said...


We are all STUFFED after eating all that watermelon!!!!!! Butt how fun was this!?!?!?!??!?!

Thanks again, to Ronnii and Uji for sponsoring this event!!!!!

road-dog-tales said...

Wow! Those a some hoooooge wally melons! How did they crack 'em open???
This picnic was so much fun!!! And thanks for stopping by and having some bouncies in the jump castle!

The Road Dogs