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Monday, 6 June 2011

Furst Annual Picnic in the Bark PART 3

Okays Pups n Peeps here goes part 3 .

Dat wonderful Crossed Paws / Paws Of Peace are not only puttin on a stoopendous Raffle butts dem also holdin two fantabulous events. Furst da raffle

Dere are some pawesome prizes

Number 1

Is a sooper de dooper $35 gift certificate for Claras Collars ( mi fav place in da Yooniverse to gets mi accessories )

Number 2 & Number 3

Are each very lush quilts pawfect fur loungin abouts all comfy n snuggly in.

Number 4

Mystery Toy and Snack Package

Number 5

Da loverly Jazzi is puttin up a most beeyootifuls rug like dis


only it can bee a side view ov any dog or cat breed yoo wants !!! How pawesome is dat ? Yoo can be sure it will be da most comfy snoozin spot. Yoo can reads about HERE.

Raffle tickets is only 5 green papers each and yoo can tell Miss Mollie Jo which raffle draw yoo wants yor ticket fur. Butts yoo only has until JUNE 13th to gets yor green papers to Mollie Jo here

% Mollie Jo & Bobo Tickets are $5.00 each
P.O. Box 335 Checks Payable to K. Wing
Symsonia, KY 42082.


Now Da ova fings goin on ova at Crossed Paws is a fun fun fun sack race all yoo needs to do is sends a photy ovs yoo in a sack to enter an yoo sends it here to JD & Max


Da ova most excitamagatin event is da DUNK TANK n yoo can send yor photys fur dat to JD & Max as well. Now it is free to enter dese events butt ifs yoo wanna dunk a pup or bet on a pup to win in da sack race den it will cost yoo butts Frankie will tells yoo more abouts dat later on

Ifs yoo need any majicky photo shoppin done to photys fur dese events den Puddles most wondyful Moms has said her will helps so send any photys to her here


Now last butts deffo nots leest Da Slimmer Pugs is holdin a Mahoosive Grand Prize Draw fur everybody who pawticipates in one or more ovs da crossed paw events. Da Slimmer Pugs will tells yoo all abouts it on dere bloggy.

Now as it is a piccy nic please bring all yor nommables wivs yoo, mee n Uji will be bringin a hooj hamper wivs us butts mee is not sayin wots gonna bee in it tho.

One word ovs warnin be on da lookout for dis guy


him n his little pal


will snaffle your nommables quicker den yoo can say pick-a-nic basket.

Now mee finks dat bee everyfing now so mee off to puts my paws up.




Frankie Furter said...

Oh Bless your sweet little heart Ronnii, you did a T-Rif-ic job of tell all this.
AND.. did you happen to see Uji's post? HE did the most Fangtast job fur such a Young'un! I can't even believe he has learned to blog like a Pro.. this quickly.
I'll see you at the Picnic. Will you save a dance fur me???

houndstooth said...

It sounds like all kinds of fun is going to be had, that's for sure!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Ronnii!
It is going to be pawesome, right?
I am ready.
It is not easy for us to send money by mail but I know Mollie's mom has a PP account!
Thanks a lot for all the info about the events!
Kisses and hugs

Sarge said...

Hey Ronnii!
Wow, this is gonna be the most pawesome Summer Picnic ever!! The events all sound amazing and we're going to have a blast!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Mr. Pip said...

OK, some how my silly mom has mixed all these posts up and is reading them in some crazy order. Oh well ...all I can say is that I am SO EXCITED for this picnic. So many fun activities to choose from. I am definitely going to participate in the dunk tank - have my picture all ready!
Love, Pip