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Friday, 13 May 2011

Well about time too mee finks

Fank dogness fur dat blogger seems to havs taken it finger outta its butt at last ( not sure wot dat meens exactly butts Da Momster sayd it n mee fort it sounded good ).

Wee has just got back from our furst walk togevver as a family ! Ovs course mee did walks like n Angel Princess, Da Popster was all limpy-fied cos hims toe hurts, Da Momster was all stop n start-y butts dat was not her fault n Da Nekkid Mole Rat well hims was useless. Him got put down afta wee dids cross da big road n wot did him do ? Hims just sat dere getting his floofy hair blown in da wind. Him did walks a bit n Da Moms was tellin him wot a good boy he was butt mee don’t fink he knows what walkies is abouts…. YET. Mee did nearly pee on hims head cos him stuck it so far under my gawjuss girly behind, still it’s not like it would havs messed hims fur up is it ……BOL.

Mee sure he will gets dere n den wee may start havin some fun tryin to out pee each ovva like mee n Richie dids, Him will havs to learn properly tho, Mee did keep stoppin fur him to catch up but hims baldy little legs not as good as mi uber fast floofy ones.

Anyways mee hopes yoo all has a sooper kewl weekend & dat no nekkid mole rat pipsqeeks try n do Tigger bouncin on yoo.





Frankie Furter said...

OMD... I can NOT believe that the Nekkid one stuck his nose... under THERE when you were tryin to PEE. He certainly does have a LOT to learn.. baaaaWaaaah.

I agree that blogger needed to get something out of it's butt.. perhaps it's entire PAW.
Well, it IS Friday 13th. afterall. hehehe
I am soooooo glad that you did get out fur your Furst walkie. I know he will catch on ... SOON.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Ronni! We hope that Uni will learn the whole walking thing soon - it sounds pretty complicated to us, but that is probably just because we are kitties. And wow, trying to pee on each other - we never have even thought of doing that before!

Leonardo said...

Afternoon Ronnii!

Learning to walk with the family can be a real hard thing to master.

Moms said that Grady (who can be a goody two paws) walked on his leash like a pro the first time she put it on. Me, on the other hand, did the goofy newfie dance for months. I finally settled down and now walk like a pro.

I'm sure your little brother will do fine with time.

Have a great week-end!
Leonardo, Grady and the Mom.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Glads you all gots to walkie togedder. Watch out....when da molerat gets a little bigger, he's might trys to pee on your head. Dat happens a lot in our backyard.

Lorenza said...

Sure it was an interesting walkie!
Looks like your little bro has a lot to learn, right?
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Family walkies are so nice, aren't they Miss Ronnii? Maybe when little Mr. Puppy Uji learns how to do walkies he will get all his bouncies out and then he will be too sleepy to Tigger bouncie you at home!

Luvs and wiggles,