Da Momsters Boxing Day Swim fur Cinque Ports Rescue

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mee Has Been

most lax in fings lately dat bee Da Momster fault n she sayd she is most sorry. So mee is to put fings rite n nots befor time.

On mi Birfday wen JD & Max did come to visit dem dids bring a hooj bag ovs goodies wivs dem for all ovs us not just mee.

So to Momma Clare & Popi Neil a big mahoosive fank yoo from mee an Da Momster fur all ovs da sooper di dooper goodies. Moms dids get a baff time pamper set ( not sure why dis bee so good miself butt no accountin fur da fings our peeps likes ) n it had loverly baff time smellis n a speshul bottle ovs fizzy stuffs. Da Momster gots sent a most beeyooteous bracylet from Dem sooper sweet slimmer puggums n Moma Mimi n Da Momster does lovs it muchly so anuvver hooj fank yoo fur dat it was most kinds ovs yoo. Neeko dids send mee & Richie some finger savers ( Da Moms fingers dat is nots mine ) to save all our peeps from get our teefies in dem fingers when wee gets given treats. Fank Yoo Neeko cos mee does nibble Moms now n den yoo know. Dere was so much wondyful stuffs in dis big bag Momma Clare bought wivs her lots ovs stuffs wivs doggys on n a sooper speshul magnet dat Moms has put in da kitchen. Also a egg dat was about 87 feet high n mades ovs stuff dat smelled soooooooooooooooooo yummy butts Da Moms said mee was not allowed cos it is dangerus fur mee to havs it butt her dids make ymmo nommy sounds wen her eated it. NO FAIR MOMS !

So wee was all sooper spoiled dat day so mee, Momster n Popster want to say


Wee is so lucky to havs such amazin furiends boths wiv two legs & four.

Now Da Momster has been a bit imagesCAV4MGFJ just recently her revoo didn’t go as well as her was hopin n her furs is startin to come outs more butt it is not reelly bad news just disdapointin fur her. Mee n Da Popster has been doin our bestest to makes her laff n happily wee has been managin it PHEW ( a sad Momster is no funs at all ) and somefing else happened to makes her happier BUTT wee can’ts tell yoo abouts it yet cos it bee a big secret so imagesCA3KUNQZ dis space !

Now mee must go rest mi paws as all da dancin on Fryday nite has mades dem most sore n no one dere did dance as well as mi Pip, him still an always will be mi main dawg ! !





Frankie Furter said...

Ohhhhhhh Ronnii you and your momster really got a TON of FUN stuffs fur your birfday!! That is just wonderful. It makes it nice to have super stuffs to remember a SUPER SPECIAL DAY.
Now what is this SECRET you are keepin fur us??? You have even made a super secret WATCH fur it message fur us.
Now I won't be able to sleep waiting fur the big news. Your are sooooooo ornery.. and I know just WHO you learned that stuffs from. hehehehe

Mr. Pip said...

What wonderful goodies for you and your mom. My mom goes crazy over all that fizzy, sweet smelling bath stuff, too!

I am sorry the review didn't go as well as your mom had hoped. You just keep giving her lots of yorkie love and I am sure you will make her feel better soon.

Secret? I don't know any secrets? Not me ...What could it be??

Love, Pip

Amber DaWeenie said...

You has such wonderfur furends. We all luvs you, Ronnii, and you Momster and Popster too. Happy Sunday!

Benny and Lily said...

What a nice post. Hope you enjoy all your presents
Benny & Lily

Neeko said...

Awww... Sweet Miss Ronnii ♥

Meee is so happy you had a Pawsome Birthday and so glad you got all the cool stuff along with the "finger savers" from us :o) We use those every day :o)))

Hope your wonderful Mommy continues on the right path recovering; Yorkie Love is Magic! So you do your Magic sweet Girl and she will be alright.

Neeko ♥