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Friday, 6 May 2011

FOR SALE –Dreem House

Mi deerest man Pip is tryin to sell hims house n fur some reason yoo hoo-mans is not buyin it ! Mee just does not understand it cos it is da sweetest home n it is in da most excellent ovs conditshuns.

SO hoo-mans pull yor digits out gets ova to mi Pips house n give hims loverly Momma 87 gazillion green papers cos ifs yoo don’t mee will set DA NEKKID MOLE RAT PIPSQEEK on yoo all bwah ha ha ha ha !

 For SALE..PIP's

Wiv Lovs

Ronnii ( keeper ovs Da Nekkid Mole Rat Pipsqeek )


PeeS. Pleese excuse mi lack ovs commentin butt mee is being kept most busy wivs da kangaroo baby. Mee is most sorry butts it is all mee can manage to read all yor sooper postys.


Mr. Pip said...

My sweet Ronnii you were in on this wonderful surprise, too? We are just amazed - I am usually pretty good at sniffing out secrets, but you all got me this time! Mama was so shocked that she fell right off her chair and is passed out cold. Don't worry, I will wake her up in a few minutes!

And yes, I think your little pipsqueak brother might be able to rough up some humans and get our place sold. I have seen that little guy in action!

Love you, Pip

Amber DaWeenie said...

All of us in Blogville.....lines up and gets you's real estate businesses open...Let's sell da Pip house!

Minna Krebs said...

BOL Ronnii..........don't tell Uji, butt I just LOVES all your nicknames fur him!! BOL!!!!

Frankie Furter said...

Having seen the Nekkid boy in ACTION.. we can see that you have your paws totally FULL. You just enjoy him. And try to keep us posted on what all he is up to.
Oh and be SURE to keep him away from Puddles' Kool Aid... Uji certainly does NOT need any of THAT. heheheehe