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Monday, 17 January 2011

OH MEE, OH MI, Santy Paws 2

Ohhh mee ohh mi me did finks Santy paws dids come to visit again yesterday. Can yoo believes da posty person did come on a Sunday. Dere wee was all curled ups on da couch wivs Da Momster watchin our cheesy cowboy movie wen da door knocker wents.

A parcel fur mee & Richie BoyOboyOboy was wee excitamagated !! Wee did dance round da room yellin at da tops ovs our voices ‘Open it, Open it Moms hurry up yoo slow poke yoo ‘

Not da bestest ovs fings to be yellin at Moms really, she mades us wait till wee dids calm down …. what a poopy head her can be sometimes..  ..  ..  ..  bol.

So dis be what da posty did bring


It was from Sallie n Alien now wee gots even more excitamagated, well who wouldn’t gets uber happi-ness wen furiends send parcels how Da Momster expeks mee to be calm is beyond mee.

Anyways it was taped up REALLY well n it took Moms 87 hours to gets all da sticky stuffs off by which times wee ( well mee really ) hads calmed down n was behavin.

So wee got s to see inside da box


Ohhhhh goodies fur us , Jubilashuns n Joys aboundin looks at all ovs it !

Da Momster helped us gets all da goodies out n yoo will neva guess whats wee gots .. .. .. .. .. .. .. dont even try cos yoo will neva eva guess.

Wee got gots our very own raindeer looks.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


Wee has named him ALF ( likes da alien life form from da old telly box show ) in honor ovs Alien. Him has a squeeker n evryfing, wee gonna takes good care ovs him Sallie n Alien.

Wee also gots some very, very uber nommy treats mades wiv peanutty butter


n a hide candy cane wee is savin da cane cos Da Momster has sayd wee can havs a tree ovs our very own next Crimbo so wee going to put it on dat. Da treats are very good n wee lovs em but Da evil poopy headed Momster is rationin dem BOOOOOOO !

Butt wait dere was even more first dere was dis tag


it was our words from our story and behinds da tag was anuvver well wrapped package which mee did undo and yoo will neva eva in  87 gazillion years guess what was hidin in dere fur me


A real Santy Paws snow globes jus fur me, now mee really does havs my own snow dat will neva go away. Mee has da biggest happi dat mee has eva had in mi hole life

Mee just had to dance wivs da joy mee felt



Butt dere was anuvver label in da package


wivs more words from our story n hiding in dis package was .. .. .. ..


A glass snow bear Crimbo ornament wivs snowflakes on him and snow insides ovs him ( yoo cant see it too well cos of Da Momsters pants photy takin ) butts him is most beeyootifool. Richie was losted fur words ( which is reel unusual )  hims is goin to takes da bestest care ovs Petey da snow bear cos him going to havs place ovs honor on our own tree next Crimbo. Richie dids do da snoopy dance wen him had recovered from bein wordless.

Wee neva expected such wonderous gifts to arrives just fur writin our story and our hearts is burstin wivs gladness, gratitude, nd love fer Sallie n Alien n dere folks fur such kindness.

We Fanks Yoo so very, very, very, very much

Wivs Lovs n Uber Happis

Ronnii   &  Richie


Sue Banks said...

Oh what fabulous gifts.
You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. I love the snowglobe and the snow bear.

Wyatt said...

What a nice pressie pack from Sallie and Alien!! Christmas lives on! Yay!


Frankie Furter said...

Sniff Oh Ronnii Sniff Sniffle I can hardly make the type stuffs fur SNIFF SNIFF havin to wipe my teary eyes and Sniffle runny nose.

This is just the grrrreatest of thingys and it came on the perfect day fur you... beclaws your momster wasn't feeling really grrreat and neither were you. What a FANTASTIC Winter Pick Me UP!!!!!!! SNIFF SNIFFLE I am just bawling my eyes out!!!
How clever those two are fur chewsing the perfect pressies to FIT YOUR POEM WORDS!!!! Sniff Sniff Sniffle
SIGH !!!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh me oh my is so right, Ronnii - what awesome pressies from Sally and Alien. Mom is in love with those snow globes, we think we love that reindeer and those tasty treats. We bet you will really enjoy them.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are just the bestest pressies EVER! So very sweet and Most Thoughtful. I think it's fun when Christmas keeps coming AFTER Christmas, don't you?

Wiggles & Wags,

♥ Sallie said...

Awww. I'm so happy you liked the gifts. And that they didn't break! Your poem was really special to us. YOU are really special to us. Thank you for showing Alien and me what Christmas is all about. Yay for friends!

Big Hug!

Mr. Pip said...

Very nice pressies - especially those peanut butter treats. You know how I love my peanut butter! Just keep that reindeer home safe and sound and away from the martinis! BOL!

Your story was just magical and you deserve all these gifts and more!

Love, Pip

houndstooth said...

I don't know which of those things would have made my tail wag the most! It all looks wonderful. Congratulations, your poem was fantastic!


Lorenza said...

Pawesome presents!
I know you and Richie are enjoying them a lot!
Kisses and hugs

the booker man said...

miss ronnii!

miss sallie 'n alien sent ya'll a super duper pressie for sures! isn't it cool to be able to keep celebratin' christmas for like a month? heehee. :) anywho, i especially loooove alf and that snow globe!
oh, and i'm so glad you are feelin' better after your surgery!!

the booker man

pee s -- thankies to you and richie and your sweet mama for votin'! :)

Remington said...

GREAT presents! Enjoy!

Minna Krebs said...

Awwwwhhhhhh.......aren't those the most wonderful pressies! I love how they go exactly with your story! Sally and Alien are super

Neeko said...

Oh my Stars... Miss Ronnii ♥

I’m speechless myself seeing all the pawsome gifts you and your Bro got.
You are both very special and I’m not surprised that you got such pawsome goodies :o)
Sooo happy for you both my dears friends :o) and sooo happy that your Christmas was dreamy in your forever home with your Pawsome Forever Pawrents.

Neeko ♥