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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Oh Wowsers


Wee hads major excitamagatin happenins here todays. Wee was all snuggled up wivs Moms on da couch havin cuddles n lovs wen dere was hooj bangins at da door, it sounded likes a big gianty fing from giantdom was tryin to gets in to eats us all. So Richie n mee bounced into akshun to proteks our Moms from da big gianty fing tryin to gets to her nommy selfs. Wee dids mahoosive barkins n growlins n da Moms shuts us in da lounge n wents to open da door. IS SHE MAD ? wee asked each ova .. .. .. .. ..  her must be losin da plots mee barked to big bruv. Well she came back in sayin do hush it was jus da posty parcel man but he was kickin on da door da cheek ov him. She hads a box in her hands n mee coulds smell a doggy smell mee didn’t know so mee jus hads to hav a nose at it. Mee pushed its across da floor sniffin deep, its didn’t smell likes a bad dog so dat was good n it was safe fur da Moms to open. Well it tooks her foreva to gets it open and wen she did dere was anuvva box inside. Ohhh da excitament was too much fur mee n mee hads to go pee.. .. .. .. .. ..  out in da snows mee went n rushed back awful fast. Moms finally gots da second box opened  ( whoeva had sent it was master wrapper mee has to say ). Inside was a two parcels wivs da Crimbo paper on one fur mee n one fur da big bruvver. As yoo can imagine mee was dancin round da room on tippy paws wivs da happi.. .. .. .. .. ..  Snoopy had nuffin on mee !

Who dey from, who dey from, who dey from, WHO DEY FROM MOMS mee did gets a little loud by den n den mee spied it a card ! Can yoo guess who it was all from ?

It was from dat Sooper Hero Da Amazin MR PIP ! It was a lovely card wiv hims n his hoo-man sista on n dey looks so veri cutes togevva.

Now mee has to confess knowin who da gifts were from mades mee wanna open mine rite up but da evil Moms said no yoo must wait butt mee was a bit nawty n snuck mee nose fru da paper so da wickid, cruel , evil Moms tooked it away n hided it rite at da backs ovs da tree behind lots ovs ova fings so mee can’t get near it. So me gots a likkle sad den butts Richie sayd wee not got long to wait now n hims gived mee a cuddle n sayd dont worry mee used to be likes that at furst wen fings came. So him mades me feel better, him is such a kewl big bruvver n even tho mee grumps at him sometimes mee do lovs him.

Then horror ovs horrors.. .. .. .. .. ..  BAFF TIME ! Yuck, Yuck n Tripple YUCK ! ! ! ! Is all mee is sayin.

Then even more

Da rest ovs Remingtons snow did comes n wee has lots n lots n lots n lots now. Poppi had to picks mee ups on our night times walkies cos da snowballs dat stuck to mee feeties were so bigs mee could hardly walk .. .. .. ..  BOL. So mee had to hav mee feeties fawed out wen wee gots home.

Anyways mee off to beddi byes now butts befor mee goes mee has to say


to my sooper dooper furiend Pip n his lovely family fur our gifts. It’s very, very, very kinds ovs you all. Mee, Richie n Da Moms gots all ova come wivs emotional~ness.




Lola said...

Mr. Pip is just the greatest, isn't he? I can't wait to see what he sent! I want to thank you and Richie and your family for the fantastic, wonderful card you sent. It was such an especially thoughtful one, too.

lotsa licks, Lola

CindyLu's Muse said...

Oh, wow! What a day!!! Sorry 'bout evil mom...but there's sure to be great stuff waiting for you in the boxes, if it's from Mr. Pip!

Mr. Pip said...

Oh, I am so happy it arrived. If you want to take a peak, I won't tell.

Now, about those two boxes - mama had quite an adventure at the post office. They kept giving her the wrong customs form. Each time they would give her a new form they would make her get out of line, fill it out, and get back in line. On the final trip through the line, they told her she couldn't use the priority mail box (just for US) and made her put everything in another box. At this point, she was so tired that she dropped the original box in the bigger box! She was a bit crabby when she got home!

Oh, I just can't wait to see if you like your gift!! I picked it out special for you.

Love, Pip

Zona said...

Pip certainly is a great furiend!! Can't wait to see the pressies! Glad you got snow - isn't it fun?? Aside from the snowball feets, that is!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that Pip! Isn't he just full of wonderfulness? I'm sorry you didn't gets to open your pressies but it'll just give you something to look forward to! Well, at least that's what my mom always says. But between you and me - it doesn't always make me feel better abouts waiting.

Wiggles & Wags,

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Ronnii Furst I know just how you feel about the cold snow feets. Sorry sweetie.

You got a pressie Package from PIP??? That is just soooooo wonderful. I can't wait to see what is in there. I know it will be something super grrrreat. You and Richie will just LOVE it I know. SIGH Furends are the bestest aren't they???