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Monday, 6 December 2010

Mee Is Gettin Excitamagated !

a  Mee has been told abouts Santa Paws n how him comes to homes n leaves nice fings not just fur peeps buts fur us too. Mee has to say mee is likin dis idea a lot so mee has been workin on a list fur him so him nose wot mee would like. So far mee wood like a new leash to match my sparkly collar, a nu food dish wood be kewl too, som jerky cos mee finks dat sounds nommy n mee wood share dat wivs Richie n maybee fur mi last gifty somefing to play wiv. Mee not sure if dat bee to much to ask fur butts if it is den any 1 ov dem fings would be kewl beens wivs mee.

Moms sayd she will takes me to da pet at home too chews somefing fur Richie n mee finks him wood likes a nu ball or a bone. Den mee has to rap it up wivs pwetty papers, ribbons n da stiky tapes. It is all so excitable makin. Our house now has lites all overs n Moms gots some speshul loons dat lite up fur wen our comp-ney comes over. Mee finks we is gonna havs big fun times. i





PeeS from Moms

Where Ronnii has put loons please read that as balloons.


♥ Sallie said...

You can't go wrong with a new bone!


Frankie Furter said...

Oh Yes... Girrrrrl you will Luv it ALL. I don't think you asked fur too much. Santa needs to know what you would LIKE then he does his bestest. I think that he will prolly come through with the jerky beclaws he LOVES the sharing stuffs.
You got loons that light up?? How Cool Drool is that. Maybe you can get your paws on the flasher thingy and show us.
I do want to tell you something though since this is your Furst Christmas and all.. you gotta make sure and Pee and Poop really often. Beclaws you will be waaaaay excited and.. well, you know sometimes stuff is kinda hard to hold in. I'm just sayin.

houndstooth said...

I don't think you asked for too much at all! You want to give Santa plenty of things to pick from so he'll get what he wants and you can still be surprised. I hope you get all of the stuff on your list and have a great time with your family!


Mr. Pip said...

Ronnii, you are going to just love Christmas and I know there will be many pressies waiting for you Christmas morning. I have a little something for you - just need to keep bugging my mom to mail it. She is a bit slow ...

Love, Pip