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Saturday, 6 November 2010


Mi haz been ere too weeks 2moro n mi haz to say itz not bad ere . Mi haz comfi couches, lapz too snuggle on, groomin daily, nice noms, a kewl big bruvver, walkies, nu cloves, and mi getz spoiled lots. So all in all life be good.

Mi n Richie had our 1st growl dis week butts Moms not be shore who did da growl - - - BOL. Som 1 trodded on som 1 else n da 1 who gotz trodded on growled butts dat woz it, all ova. It made Moms jump tho hehehehe. Mi n Richie loikes makin Moms jumps. BBR iz teachin mi lots now n I barks now, itz not be a big bark yetz butts mi be workin on itz. Moms finks it sounds loike a sea loin butts mi not knowin wot dat is. Hang on mi goes googly itz. Oh mi dogness mi no soundz loike dis, Mi may has to toot on mye Moms fur sayin dat.

Her bee most cheeki mi finks

All mi can say iz at leest mi no soundz like dis wen mi sleeps unlikes Richie----BOL

Ohhh mi couldz bee in trubs fur dat - - - - - - BOL.

Happi Bloggy Hoppy





Mr. Pip said...

Oh yes, always best to keep mom on her toes! Keep working on that bark. My bark is kind of funny, too. Sometimes it sounds like a cough! I am glad you are enjoying your new home with your mom and Richie!

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

Now Ronnii I just nose you will not be in trubble. You are tooooo cute fur anybuddy to be upset with you. Richie sounds like a PIG when he sleeps??? That is tooooo funny.
He is a goood big bruffer fur teachin you all the stuffs you need to know.
I agree that you have a grrrreat place to live. You very much deserve it. Be sure to let your mum and da know how much you appreciate them for letting you be there with them. They are the best!!

Zona said...

BOL! Those noises sure are silly! Two weeks already?? Time flies! You are a lucky girl!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes me and Brudder Ranger have us a growl. Um, well, he growls at me to tell you the truths. I'm not sure I've ever growled at him. But mom says that it's just part of being brudder and sister.

Tell Richie I said, "Oink! Oink!" (Heehee!)

Wiggles & Wags,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ronnii!
I hope it was just a misunderstanding and everything is ok now!
Sure it would be interesting to hear your sea lion and the oink oink sounds!
Take care
Kisses and hugs