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Saturday, 30 October 2010

How veri dare hers !

I gots tooked too de doggytor Fwiday as mi tummy has not been good. De doggytor lady wos okays but shee sticked somefing in mi butt ! ! How veri dare hers, it wos nots nice n mi did not havs da happis bouts it. BBR sayd dey seem too liks doin dat tho, I finks dat be veri odd if dey liks doin it.  .  .  .  Hoomans is weerd !

Hers sayd I has a bug, mi no gots any cweepi cwawlis on mi so hows I has a bug mi wants too no. I has likkle wite fings too eats that hers says will makes mi tummy feel betta but mi finks dey taste icky and I spits em out quik smart…..BOL. Moms has to surch fur dem den it be most chucklishus to mi. Hers gived me speshul noms too n I likes it so dat be good.

BBR be kinda kewl buts no tell him I sayd dat or him hed wil gets hooj, he nice to cuddle up wiv and I likes him lots. BBR sayd I looks like Molly so I says dat bee okays cos her be pritty so he mus fink I pritty too.


I has howloweeeen piccis toomorroow Richie did helps mi to makes dem.

Aniways dat bee all fur nows.

Nitee Nite




PeeS. I no gremlin me Mogwai


Zona said...

Ronnii! I'm so sorry you have the creepy crawlies! I hope your tummy gets better real fast.

By the way, BBR is right - you are pretty!!

Can't wait to see your Howl-o-ween post!


Frankie Furter said...

Ronnii I am so sorry that they did that to your BUTT. I guess you got to have it done to get rid of the buggies in your Tummy though. I hope you are better tomorrow. PeeS... you should take ONE pill thingy and then fake it for the next one... keep em gussing.

Mr. Pip said...

So sorry about your tummy troubles and trip to the doctor. You are very pretty and do look like Molly - especially when you are sleeping.

Your pal, Pip

Lorenza said...

I hope your tummy is much better now, Ronnii!
Take care
Kisses and hugs